The July Delight Paint Special

Your Choice of Paint

We are experienced in putting all brands of paint on the wall. If you have a brand you prefer, we can use it.

Painting Labor

We Make it look easy. We are custom Painters. We believe in rolling instead of spraying. We utilize all the proper tools for the project which makes it go so smoothly.

Why the zip Code Restriction

We set our goal of 50,000 sq ft so we can rapidly paint homes. To be efficient, being in the same area helps with travel, so we can complete our goal. We plan on offering 3 to 4 promotions per year In different zip codes. July 2018 is zip code 78739

The Deal.

Offering interior painting @ $.75 cents per sq ft. including materials. But Excluding Trim, Doors, and Repairs. Scheduling can be made before and after to tackle these items.

Local Charity Donation

We Believe if everyone gives a little we all can gain a lot. We want to make a difference in anyway possible. We will donate $.05 cents per square ft. to a local charity in your area.

Take advantage of the offer while it last.

We like happy customers. 300 sq ft. bathroom or the whole Home. We will get it painted. All is Welcomed to participate. Sign up today.